Welcome to Barks n Bubbles!

My goal is that your furry friends come running in to see me. (even if they don't run in for their bath). I go the extra mile to make a connection with you and with your four legged family members. I take care to make the grooming process as enjoyable as it can (and should) be. With nearly thirty years of experience, I take a gentle, patient and personal approach to the grooming table and strive to help your pet look and feel their best. I am always continuing my education and attend educational seminars regularly to stay informed on the most prevalent concerns of our community. As the longest established grooming business in Woodland I am proud to offer my services to you!

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I am making a change, and it's going to be good!

With the loss of my bather, and the approach of my retirement (on the horizon, but not yet!), I am going down to one on one, or one family at a time. This enables me to give the best care to our four legged family


This change comes with a few newer practices.

Scheduling is a bit different with one on one care, and I will be able to groom fewer dogs a day so we may need to make some adjustments. I will make it as painless as possible.

There may also be some pricing changes, as I was always able to keep my prices low with a higher quantity of clients.

It is time to slow it down a little bit, and enjoy this.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them!

I am trying to work Nail Trims into the schedule in a new way. As a trial to see how it goes, I am opening to Walk In Nail Trims. This is subject to change depending on how it works with the new One on One scheduling.


Do you have a senior pet? Feel confident your friend is always in good hands with extra attention to all the special needs that come with age. My elderly clientele hold a special place in my heart and I am readily patient and supportive to help them through the entire process with encouragement and ample rests along the way.  I strive to provide every comfort possible.