I am passionate about dogs

and I love what I do.

I know how important it is to know

you are getting the best care possible

and the people you choose to groom

your canine companions are patient,

knowledgeable and skilled at what

they do. I make an extra effort to

get to know every dog, and I aim to form a positive working relationship with them based on trust and respect. I believe that no dog should ever be forced to do something. It is amazing what can be accomplished with praise, patience, love and confidence. Treats can also be a big motivator. 
I like to provide an open floor environment as experience has taught me that most dogs are more relaxed when they are allowed to mill about, choose where to lay down or, often, they make friends and play. Also it gives me a chance to see their personalities and make friends myself. I am set up with barriers in case someone forgets their manners or needs some space. My goal is that they enjoy their experience with me. 
My tub accommodates all sizes and breeds comfortably. I customize the best product combinations based on the individual needs of your pet to get the maximum benefit from their visit. I focus on my education as your pet's skin care professional. Grooming is more than image, and while looking good is nice, health is necessary.

Your groomer understanding the deeper meaning of the science behind skin health is as essential as a mechanic understanding the inner workings of a motor.

The products used at Barks N Bubbles to provide the optimal skin health are not your average shampoos and conditioners. Only the best can provide the best! I carry only the best, imported from Italy, designed using only the highest quality ingredients and microbiologically tested for efficacy in extensive clinical trials. These products are superior to anything else available.

Combined with proven, advanced skin restoration techniques and documented results, you know your pet is in the best hands.

I know that if you have a senior pet that your furry friend requires extra attention and has special needs. Senior dogs have a special place in my heart and my Senior services provide extra support and plenty of patience. I keep in mind that an older dog is more likely to get cold in the tub and may need an extra layer of bedding to cushion their kennel, and I am practiced in alternative grooming techniques that can be employed in the case of limited mobility.

I get low with them on the floor to play and develop a deeper level of trust with all of my dogs clients. That trust key. I love working with and make it a point to be knowledgeable on a wide variety of breeds. 
I use my experience and continued education as tools to provide the best grooming has to offer.
(Barks n Bubbles is owned by Billie, who started her grooming career in 1992 and by '99 was working at the West Seattle Vet Clinic. She opened her own shop in Battle Ground in 2005 and by 2010 had opened the Woodland location. She soon passed the Battle Ground shop over to a trusted colleague as she wanted to be more hands on in her shop than having two shops allowed her to be. Now she operates the longest established grooming business in Woodland WA.) 
Thank you for choosing Barks n Bubbles 

You can find me in downtown Woodland WA on the corner next to the Post Office!

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